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Annie Rowe

20 Nov 2008

Congratulations to the 2008 National Award winners

From a talented list of State Finalists there was much deliberation by the Selection Panel (comprising James Halliday, Peter Forrestal, Sally Evans, Adam O’Neill and Tim Evans).

The 2008 Working with Wine National Fellowship Award was won by James Erskine – Auge Ristorante, South Australia and Sarah Martin, Negociants Australia, Western Australia.

The 2008 Working with Wine National Writing Award was won by Mark Johnson – Amalfi Restaurant, Victoria.

2008 State Finalists
NEW SOUTH WALES - Patrick White, Otto Ristorante
NEW SOUTH WALES - Rhys Napthali, Negociants Australia
VICTORIA - Matthew Bywater, Dan Murphy's
VICTORIA - Thomas Hogan, Randall's Hawthorn
VICTORIA - Marco Hall, Negociants Australia
VICTORIA - David Manning, Negociants Australia
QUEENSLAND - Michael Orchardson, Dan Murphy's
QUEENSLAND - Farley Wheildon, Stewarts Wine Co.
QUEENSLAND - Luke Willis, Negociants Australia
WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Paul Edwards, Swanbourne Cellars
WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Sarah Martin, Negociants Australia
SOUTH AUSTRALIA - James Erskine, Auge Ristorante
SOUTH AUSTRALIA - Matthew Allchurch, Negociants Australia

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