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Tess McLachlan

24 Nov 2016

Congratulations to the 2016 National Award winners

"Now the 12th Negociants Australia WwW program has concluded we take enormous satisfaction that 24 seminars have been conducted, at least 4,000 registrants been received. At least 120 have taken final interviews and 24 Negociants Wine Fellows rewarded with a unique international trip to the best of the best winemakers in Europe," said Yalumba Wine Company Chairman, Robert Hill-Smith.

Philip Shorten from Armadale Cellars in Victoria, and Cynthia Gemus from Negociants Australia in South Australia were the two winners for the 2016 Working with Wine program.

Winner Cynthia Gemus credits the program with positioning Australian wine in a global context. "Employees across the Australian wine industry are thirsty for knowledge. What the Working with Wine program offers is unique and caters perfectly to a generation of very passionate wine professionals. As well as a wealth of knowledge, the seminars offer an arena for open discussions with some of the wine world's most revered producers. The program pushes us to think about Australian wines in a global context and leaves us all feeling proud and worthy of global attention."

Nicole Bilson from Samuel Smith and Son Victoria was awarded the Working With Wine Fellowship Wine Writing Award, for her piece questioning ''Is Wine Writing A Dying Art?'' Nicole's article was published in Gourmet Traveller WINE and she also received a $1000 book voucher.

New South Wales
Anastasia Savkova [Fesq & Company]
Courtney Tate [Negociants Australia]

Philip Shorten [Armadale Cellars]
Nicole Bilson [Samuel Smith & Son]

Natasha Janetzki [Blackbird Bar & Grill]
Leigh Woodrow [Negociants Australia]

Western Australia
Erin Stack [Liquor Barons]
Ian Lambeck [Negociants Australia]

South Australia
James Parham [2KW Bar & Grill]
Cynthia Gemus [Negociants Australia]

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